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Dr Loomis

This section is dedicated to our pet bearded dragon because it's funny and she's great. Dr Loomis is a 1 year old bearded beauty. She is chonky, sassy and friendly. Feel free to ask the staff if you can hold Dr Loomis or if you or your child would like to feed her a worm or cricket. She enjoys salads, crickets and mean mugging our clientele.

Why is her habitat so bare?

Bearded Dragons are desert creatures, they don't need plants and vines or other cluttering knickknacks. Her wooden floors also help us keep her space sanitary and clean. 


Is she really a Doctor?

Dr Loomis got her PhD in psychology at the University of Big Chongus Lizard. She will be only adressed as Miss Loomis or Doctor Loomis. She provides the team with laughs and smiles and does it all pro bono. She is currently working on some cool merch so stay tuned.

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